Sunday, April 19, 2009


My friend Irene had her baby this morning! She was scheduled for a c-section tomorrow morning but like her first child (who was scheduled for c-section on September 23 and came on September 21) this little monkey decided to come on his own terms too! She called at 5am and had been at the hospital since 3am, she had been having contractions all night. The super weird thing is that all along I have thought she was having a girl. Well after I got the phone call, I went back to bed and dreamed that I was there for the birth. She had a boy in my dream, and I looked at the clock shortly after his birth and it was 6:52. Turns out he was actually born at 6:45 this morning. Creepy, huh?!

So congrats to the Varga family!
Welcome Jacob Samuel!
7 lb, 3 oz
20 inches

Saturday, April 18, 2009

All is Well

I had my OB appointment this morning, and everything went well! We were able to hear the heartbeat for a second or so before the little squirmer wiggled away and wouldn't let himself be found again, but we did hear it. My OB then said, "But because I know you are going to worry (boy, is it that obvious that I'm a worrier?) we'll take a look as well". So she got her handy dandy portable ultrasound machine, and even though the picture was horrible, I saw the little blob on the screen moving and we were able to get a faint view of the flickering heartbeat. So I was appeased and feel much better tonight. She said of all the things I went through in my illness, the only thing that remotely concerned her was the high fever, but that when it happens in the first trimester, generally it's an "all or nothing deal"; meaning that if there was fetal damage done, I probably would have miscarried. She was happy with the way everything looked, so we're happy too! So tonight I went out and bought some maternity clothes that I was not letting myself do until after the appointment. My mum was very kind to join me in my venture and I was very lucky to find some cute things at both Target and Kohls and feel like I'm now ready to pack up to go to Disney next weekend! Oh, and I ran into my high school friend Amanda and her two adorable children in Target, so that was just the cherry on top of the night; nice to see you Amanda! Oh, and did I mention that directly after our appointment, that Greg decided we needed to pay yet another visit to the ER? Yup, he was feeling that bloaty feeling coming on again. Fortunately the tests this time showed no blockage, they just think it's his body trying to get back on track; so I took him home this time! Unfortunately, this unplanned stop caused us to miss the wedding of Greg's college friend, which was a real bummer. Chison, I don't know if you read this blog, but we are so sorry we missed your big day. I hope it was wonderful in every way, and can't wait to meet your new hubby sometime soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He's Coming Home!

It's been an interesting couple of days, but Greg should be coming home today. He had a CT scan yesterday afternoon that showed no reason for the blockage. The only reason the doctor can think of is that when he came in, Greg's white blood cell count was high so the blockage could have just been a secondary thing to an infection that was going on. Anyways, he had the tube removed last night, much to his relief and was able to get a decent night's sleep. He was allowed clear liquids through the night which he tolerated well and when I spoke to him about 20 minutes ago his breakfast was on the way. The doctor believed he should pretty much feel like himself in the next couple days and sees no reason we shouldn't continue with our plans to head to Disney a week from Saturday! Now we just have to get through this Saturday; my first OB appointment since the flu/strep/pneumonia incident.......

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On a Level From One to Shit....

These are the actual words the nurse asked us last night in the ER. No, it wasn't me this time, it was Greg; yes Greg, the one who is pretty much never sick. But when he does it, he does it good; so good in fact that he remains at the hospital where he was admitted shortly before 2 am this morning. He started feeling yucky yesterday morning and it got progressively worse throughout the day. He actually came home from work early; home from a work day that was supposed to be a late one. In fact I had not expected him to return home at all until sometime today. He was in a lot of discomfort, very bloated, and had lower abdominal pain. He had been extremely gassy throughout the day, but as the the day progressed it was mostly burping that was happening but the burps were horrendously's just say that's why our hilarious nurse Steve asked us the title question. Long story short, he has a bowel obstruction. The doctor said per the X-Ray it seems as though it's a mechanical issue; ie a portion of the intestine is not functioning. He was in contact with the surgeon and was initially going to order a CT scan, but the surgeon wanted them to take a different route first to relieve Greg's discomfort and the strain on his intestines. So a GI tube was inserted in the ER through his nose. Poor poor Greg. It looked like utter agony. As they were inserting it, he began to vomit.....a lot.....over and over again. It actually gave him a great deal of relief to empty his stomach, but the nose tube was very uncomfortable for him. Before they moved him upstairs, they gave him some dilautid to help with the nose/throat/stomach pain and he appeared to be very comfortable shortly thereafter not really caring about the tube anymore; cracking jokes as only Greg can. When I left, he was safe in his hospital bed, starting to snooze so I'm really hoping he was able to get some rest. We won't know more until the surgeon comes in this morning. It is likely they will do the CT scan sometime this morning, but I don't know for sure. Anyways...that's where it stands at the moment. I just can't believe the chaos these first 3 1/2 months of 2009 have brought us.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Poop Story

It all started with Milo. He had diarrhea. On the carpet at the bottom of the stairs. One of the most frequently Ana traveled paths. Getting the jist?

Okay, so I'm sitting at the kitchen table checking my e-mail on the lap top and I smell something. Ana is sitting next to me on the floor so naturally I think that she has pooped. So I head for the dining room to fetch a diaper and wipes but realize that I'm still smelling the smell only stronger now. After some investigation I find the mess on the carpet and decide to get the kids situated for dinner and then get to dealing with it. Ian had piano lessons that night so he had to eat soon and with Ana in her high chair I wouldn't have to worry about her getting in the way of the clean up. So I plop Ana in her chair and serve up dinner and turn my attention to the carpet. I get it mostly cleaned up and decide to give it one last stain spray and let it sit for a little bit to really let it work. I check on the kids and find that I'm still smelling the smell, what the heck?! That's when I see Ana's socks...they are yellow and wet. I started to panic, but was starting to put the pieces together (this is why I smelled it in the kitchen when Ana was near, and why there were two small stains separate from the actual drop site...they were poopy footprints). I couldn't be sure where she had been in the time since she stepped in the poop and made it into the kitchen so WHO KNOWS WHERE poopy footprints have been deposited. It was becoming clear to me that a thorough scrubbing of every floor on this level had to be done. Anyways, I took off her socks and started to get her undressed to put her in the bath tub. That's when I noticed it wasn't just her socks. It was on her pants, and shirt and oh my gosh....HER HANDS!!! Yeah, in my haste to get her immobilized, I hadn't washed her hands before she ate and now she's been eating her dinner with poopy hands. I put her in the tub and scrubbed her from head to toe and was just finishing the task when Greg came home. Ian had to get to piano lessons so he had to then turn around and leave. I wish I had showered that day because that was my only reasoning for not taking Ian to his lesson. Because what happened while they were gone...sheesh.

Okay so I get Ana dried off and put a diaper on her and put her in the play pen so I can continue cleaning. She played pretty quietly for a while, which pleased me greatly! I came into the kitchen to get some soap and peeked in on Ana and was sent instantly into hysterics by what I saw. Ana had pooped. Then she had removed her diaper. Then she pooped some more. She then painted the wall and the playpen; and then painted herself. I remember walking into the bathroom starting to sob saying to myself "I can't do this....what do I do? I can't do it....I can't do it!!!". After I managed to relatively collect myself, I put Ana back into the tub and sprayed her down with the shower head. I then put another clean diaper on her (and a ONESIE this time!) and plopped her on the couch saying, "You stay right here...mummy is very angry!" and she stayed there for a good 15 minutes. Poor thing, she must have been scared! By the time Greg got home, I was nearly to the point of rocking in the corner. I literally didn't know where to start! We put the kids to bed and set to work steam cleaning the carpet, scrubbing the hard floors and walls, and dismantling the play pen and it's surroundings. It took all night but we got it done. The last thing we did was to run some hot water through the hoses of the steam cleaner to make sure there was no poopy residue stuck inside. Greg filled the sink with hot water and ran the cleaner sucking the water through the hose. For some reason he decided that this water couldn't be dumped down the sink and he makes his way to the front door with the reservoir to empty it. I suddenly hear, CRASH, SLOSH, "Cammie I'm gonna need your help right now". I was still on my hands and knees in the dining room scrubbing the floor; I was not very happy to hear what was happening in the next room. I discover that the lid to the reservoir has popped off and the entire container of water (yes, this is just what we sucked through the poop containing hoses) has spilled over the newly mopped kitchen floor. Seriously?! I get him some towels, the lysol and the mop and he goes to cleaning up the latest mess. The crowning glory to this story is that he then plops the mop and the steam cleaner container on the front porch and some water splashes back at him and hits him in the mouth. My response? "Serves you right for making an extra mess!" Yeah, no sympathy, sorry....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Yeah, I know. Between the nausea, and my recent tangle with various body invaders I simply haven't had the energy to put a coherent thought together! I didn't even get to tell you all about the big poop incident we had a few weeks ago, I'll get to that next time, I promise. But I wanted to let you all know that we are still here. I feel I've fully recovered from the pneumonia/flu/strep and besides a little after effect from the antibiotics (girls you know what I mean) I'm feeling pretty much like myself again. As far as I can tell, pregnancy wise things are progressing as they should. I've officially entered that in between stage where by the end of the day I just feel like a bloated mess. Standing in the mirror last night I was sure I could stunt double Humpty Dumpty. My clothes are all still fitting fine, they don't look the same, but can be fastened just fine. I don't know if I had mentioned it, but I had started Weight Watchers at the beginning of the year and was down about 17 pounds before I found out I was pregnant. I can thank that loss for keeping me in my normal clothes longer, I guess! Anyways, just wanted to give a little update, Stevie is telling me in very certain terms that he is all done playing in the exersaucer so I have to go for now. Oh before I go, I don't think I mentioned that we were able to recover our pictures from the hard drive too! So here's a promise for more posting, funny stories and pictures to come soon!