Thursday, March 10, 2011


Last Thursday, Ian received his yellow belt in karate! When he got the letter in the mail inviting him to test for it, I could tell he was nervous even though he would never admit it. Then we went away on vacation and I think he forgot about it; as did I, honestly! The day after we returned, I delivered him to the dojo and watched him from the car as he demonstrated what he has learned so far; I was so proud of him! The next week, we watched as he threw his purple belt over his shoulder and tied his new yellow belt around his waist with a very subtle grin on his face, never wanting to wear his emotions on his sleeve. I know he was pretty proud of himself though. It was evident in that he asked to go to karate on the following Saturday even though he had already attended the two classes we ask him to go to a week. Ian often has a hard time getting going to things, but he was up and ready to go that Saturday, with the usual complaining and carrying on we usually encounter. I'm so happy he is seeing what hard work and determination can earn him, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it!

Here he is trying to be serious....Lord forbid he let that smile come out! Here the instructor is about to snap the belt to "put the spirit in it":

Receiving his belt:

Taking off the old:
(I didn't get a good picture of him throwing the belt over his shoulder unfortunately)

putting on the new:

My proud boy!: