Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ana's New Do

We've just returned from a trip to NY. We had a fantastic time visiting with my cousin and aunt in NY city, then headed upstate to visit my best college friend in Auburn, and our recently moved and sorely missed neighbors in Farmington. There's plenty of pictures, and I'll put those in a separate post. So why am I talking about our NY trip when I'm supposed to be talking about Ana's new hairdo?

Ana, at our old neighbor's new home, decided to give herself a haircut. She came down to Greg and said "I sorry daddy. Don't worry daddy, it will grow back." Greg sent her to me and she said, "I sorry I cut my hair mummy, I wanted it longer like Elizabeth's". We quickly went upstairs to find the scissors so we could prevent any more damage and found that she had trimmed a little bit in the hallway, a little bit on the bathroom floor, and a few really good chunks that she decided to cut directly into the toilet. I was a little sad since I had just found a website that had tons of really cute braids, and other fancy little girl's hairstyles. Mostly though, I was pretty amused! I know so many little girls who have done the same, and it struck me as humorous! Her hair doesn't like to stay in any style I put it in anyways because she is so active and constantly touching her hair so it really wasn't a big deal to me! I think Greg took it harder than I, but he's a champ. Honestly, it could have been so much worse! The hairdresser said she could save the length by tapering the front, but she really wanted to have a haircut like her friend Elizabeth, and like Mummy (how could I refuse that?!), and it's only hair! So we were off to the salon on Friday and we went for it. She let the hairdresser shampoo and cut her hair and almost fell asleep as she was working, it was so funny. I didn't have my flash with me, so the pictures leave much to be desired, but they give an idea of the experience. They took 8 inches of beautiful shiny black hair off my baby's head, and the result, I think, is positively adorable. Even daddy admits that she looks pretty darn cute with her new bob, and she absolutely adores it so there's happiness all around!
The damage:

The evidence:

Loving getting her hair shampooed

Look at that length!

The first snips

All done!

I tried to get a nice picture at home, but she was so tired, and just wouldn't stay still! It all made sense later when it was ceremoniously revealed that she had become victim to the souvenir gastro bug we brought home with us. Looking back at this picture now, I can really see in her eyes that she wasn't well. Poor thing, less than 12 hours later we were sitting in the ER waiting to be checked out for possible appendicitis. No worries though, she was just victim to the same bug that claimed every one of us at the tail end of this vacation; her body just chose to accompany the awful stomach pain with a 103 fever which is what bought us the 3am ER visit. I'll try to get another picture when she's feeling better.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ummm, yes......

I did fall behind on my picture a day project.
I have missed four days so far.
I am moving forward anyways.....

which is a big deal for my perfectionist self who is battling to delete my 365 account and start over from scratch. It's something about myself I'm working on. So forward on I will press! Of course this means that to have one complete year of pictures I will need to continue longer than January 1st of next year but that's okay; I was probably going to try and go longer anyways! My trouble has been finding the time during the day with the little ones to actually get the camera out and play. Greg was in the hospital a couple weeks ago, then spent the week recovering. Ana became ill over the weekend and has needed round the clock nebulizer treatments, and Cooper is just coming down with it. There has been little sleep, and lots of crankiness all around and the last thing I've been inspired to do is take out my camera on many days! It is what it is though. I'll continue what I've been doing, taking pictures when I can. It's far better than the no pictures and blogging I was doing before! Greg just restored the connection to the computer that houses my photo software, so prepare yourself for my catching up!

January 9th
"Running Out of Time"

It was one of those days I hadn't even thought to touch the camera!

January 10th

Another one of "those" nights. The SLR battery was dead so I grabbed the point and shoot. Messy kitchen, dead on flash, ugh! The only thing I like about this picture is that it is of Ana learning how to catch a ball!

January 11
"Izzy's Toesies"

We had a play date at Auntie Shelle's house on that Tuesday. My niece Izzy loves to play with her toes so I had to get a shot of her in action.

January 12
"Gone Sledding"

This was during one of the many snowstorms we have had recently. This particular week, Ian only had 1 day of school due to the snow! It was a crazy week, but Ian sure loved having some time off! Here he was pulling the family sled through the deep snow to go sledding at a friend's house.

January 13
"First Lollipop"

Okay, it may not exactly be his first lollipop (thanks to Halloween), but it was his first treat from the grocery store. It helped ease everyone's crankiness so the shopping could be completed!

January 14
"kissing cousins"

Izzy and Cooper are only three months apart; they are so cute together! I hope they continue to have a close relationship as they grow!

January 15th

I love how ice forms on the windows in the winter.

January 16th

This was the afternoon after Greg was admitted to the hospital; I was waiting for him to be discharged. He had a severe case of vertigo and couldn't even stand up the night before! It was so scary! Anyways, I took advantage of the waiting time by reading from my Nook that Greg bought me for Christmas, I love it!

January 17th - missed day

January 18th

Ana and Stevie. They have a special relationship and are very much like siblings! Stevie spent the majority of the days of his first year with us, which has since been reduced to two days a week. I hope they will be close when they grow up...right now they are either fighting, or conspiring together!

January 19th

Ana has always had a fascination with shoes! Here she is sharing her passion with her little brother, helping him try on her tap shoes. Cooper was more than happy to oblige! I seem to remember dressing my sister and I doing the same to our little brother; and having no arguments from him either!

January 20th
"tossing snowballs"

Ana adores the snow. She will stay outside until she turns blue, and still want to play some more. It always makes me giggle that my little Guatemalan girl can tolerate the cold better than my two New England born sons (and myself for that matter!). She must have spent a good 20 minutes just tossing snowballs around, so I tried to catch the action!

January 21st
no title

This was one of those days I just couldn't be bothered to pick up my camera. I don't remember why I was grumpy, but I did manage to pick it up, and press the shutter release. It's merely a shot of the menu board in my kitchen which is currently covered by a picture of a bird drawn by Ana a little over a year ago, and a picture of Bumpa with his brother (It's sadly leaning forward so you can't see it very well in the picture). It's been this way for a while and is not likely to change, at least not the Bumpa picture. Ana looks at it almost every day and says, "Dat's Bumpa!".

January 22nd - missed day

January 23rd

Ian's current passion is origami. He absolutely adores making things out of paper and has taken several books out of the school, and public library looking for new creations to make. He has also taken a liking to using YouTube (supervised of course!) to watch tutorials. I think this one was called a magic ring or something; anyways, he was very proud of this creation. I loved the color combination he chose!

January 24th
"knitting again"

I picked up the needles after a LONG hiatus recently. My first project was an earflap hat by Knitting Pure and Simple (a designer suggested by my friend Amanda) for Cooper. I like the way it turned out, though it was a tad small because I neglected to do a proper gauge swatch (I hate doing that!) and I'm a really tight knitter! Anyways, Cooper's head and ears stay warm and he looks so darn cute in it so I guess it was a success! Next up is KPS slippers for the kids and at some point my first attempt at a sweater by the same designer. I was lucky to discover that they have recently started selling their patterns online (at patternfish), and was so excited!

January 25th

These were some very cool springy bracelets my mum bought for Ana for Christmas but never gave to her. We happened to be hanging out at my mum's house and we discovered them in the china cabinet. They looked pretty all stacked up, so I thought it might make an interesting picture. I'm glad I got the shot because shortly after it was taken the kids had them all bound up together in a tangled mess! Well, they were fun while they lasted!

January 26th
"ice feathers"

Okay, more window ice, I know! But, I just think it's so neat! I find it especially interesting that different windows in my house have consistently distinct designs that form on them. This window always gets these soft feathery swirls while the one on the attached wall gets what you saw above, the straighter lines. Is it air patterns? Temperature differences? It's cool no matter what causes it!

January 27th
"a moment of calm"

Don't you love those moments when the kids are getting along? It doesn't always last long, but it lingers in my heart for sure! Here Ana had opened up a book and beckoned Cooper to come sit beside her so she could "read" to him. He sat right down next to her and listened to her stories for a few minutes, it was a very sweet moment!

January 28th

I had tried this once before and didn't love the end result when I got them on the computer. I was very pleased with this one though. It's from an icicle on the front of our house; there's a LOT of them right now! Anyways, you probably can't see, but I noticed in my photo program that if I enlarge the drip, you can actually see the upside down reflection of the trees in the distance. It's pretty neat!

January 29th
"choco baby"

Greg was working almost all day this past Saturday so I took the kids to the mall so Ian could get some origami paper at AC Moore, and I could check out a big sale at Old Navy. They were so well behaved, I was so proud! I picked up some ice cream at the grocery store to have a special afternoon treat. Here is Cooper after enjoying his bowl of chocolate ice cream. He really has a sweet tooth, just like his mummy!

January 30th

After Greg worked all day, he was back on the computer late that night and worked until 6am the next morning. He was exhausted! Here, he had volunteered to rock Cooper to sleep at nap time, and had fallen asleep himself. This is not the first time this has happened though. Daddy has a tendency to do this often! I wonder who fell asleep first this time?!

January 31st - missed day
February 1st - missed day

February 2nd

So, since Ana has been sick (and now Cooper too) there's been little sleep, and a high grump factor in the house (all around!). I did miss those two days, and February 1st was the first day of an online class I signed up for through called the Joy of Love. All of February, participants receive photo assignments centered around our loved ones. The first day is "what they do"; I missed that day. The second is "how they look" so I chose to, at the last minute last night, use Ian as my subject. It always strikes me how his hair and his freckles match so closely! I love that about how he looks, so that's what I photographed. It was under his room lamp, with a longer than desired shutter speed, but I think it came out pretty good anyhow.

So there you have it! I'm as caught up as I can get for the moment! I'm hoping to hop right into the Joy of Love assignments with a little more preparation, but I might have to accept that it might just be too much for me to keep up with at the moment. If I can do that without getting upset at myself, that would be progress all by itself!