Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!

Dear Cooper,

I can't believe a year has passed already!
You are an amazing little guy
and have brought so much joy to our family!

Let's see, at age 1 you:

Are not walking yet, but you will take your hands away from support and stand on your own. You have even turned to take that first step and mummy gets really excited but you just psyche me out. You do think you are super cool when you push around Ana's tricycle though!

Can wave, blow kisses and clap.
Sometimes you add the cutest little "haaah" (hi, I think) or "haaalaaah" (we think it's hello).

Had a mohawk
(or a babyhawk as a woman in the store once remarked)
for your first 8 months or so. It was the cutest thing, and I'm a little sad your hair got long enough to lay flat!

Are sometimes jealous.
If I have your sister in my lap (she's been jealous too) you come over and pull on her clothes and yell!

Are a mummy's boy.
Only mummy will do when you are tired. Well let's face it, if you see mummy, you need to be held by mummy or you scream!

Have the most infectious smile and giggle.

Can climb.
Almost anything.
Particularly the bathroom stool so you can reach the sink.
Oh and let's not forget the stairs, you climb them with vigor!
Most of the time giggling all the way up;
especially if you are caught in the act.

Are happy almost all the time. Seriously!

Have a temper!
When we take things away from you, your little eyes get wide, you open your mouth and yell! It's seriously cute, actually!

Don't sleep through the night.
No kidding. I think there have been four, maybe five nights since you were born that you have slept through the night; two of those were before you were 5 months old. You just don't want to give up that 2 or 3 o'clock snuggle time I guess.

Love your brother and sister from your hair to your toes!
Whenever they are around you are smiling, and whatever they do makes you giggle!

Have 5 teeth,
which is WAY more than your brother had at this age! You have been working on a sixth for about a month now but it just doesn't want to pop through!

LOVE the dishwasher.
This is no surprise to mummy though. Your brother and sister had a fascination with the dishwasher too!

Give the sweetest hugs, and the juiciest kisses.

Can say "ma ma" and "da da" and I'm pretty sure you say hat (ahhhhht) when you are playing with Papa and his hat. You LOVE playing with Papa and his hat!

Are very ticklish!
On your neck, pudgy thighs, belly and sides; right down to your feet!

Are constantly in the dog's food or water, and it makes mummy crazy! I have had to change you so many times (mostly after you've just been freshly dressed; and lots of times when we are on our way out the door) because you have splashed in, then emptied the dogs water onto the floor (which you then delight in splashing and crawling around in some more). Let's not talk about the amount of dog kibble I've had to scoop out of your mouth.....yuck!

Are as cute as a button!
Of course I may be a little biased.

We love you so much our little birthday boy!
Happy One Year!

Oh, and take it easy on mummy today, she's having a hard time with this growing up thing.