Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still At It!

I've been taking a picture consistently every day for a couple days over a month now!  I am super proud of myself.  Even though this week was pretty lame in the picture department, I still kept up with it!

32/365 - Home
Well, Thursday was a long day.  I had PTA that night and knew that once I got home if I had sat down, I'd probably be asleep within minutes and I wouldn't get my picture done.  So here is my PTA bag and shoes exactly where I left them at the door.  I know, exciting!

33/365 - iPod Touch
Yup, Ian has one.  I really wasn't crazy about him having one.  I mean, if he was going to listen to music with it, that would be one thing, but he wanted it for the games and apps.  He had lots of friends who had them, but I just wasn't convinces that a 10 year old needs to be owning one of these things!  Anyways, he asked for money for his birthday because he had purchasing and ipod in mind, and combined between all his gifts, he scrambled up enough to go purchase it.  So yes, my 10 year old has an iPod Touch.  It tries to take over his life; so we have had to set some major boundaries to prevent that from happening!  Like, he can't use it until his chores and homework are done, and he has to hand it over promptly at 7pm, an hour before his bedtime.  Before we realized we had to make these rules, we were unaware that he was taking it to bed and playing it until late into the night.  This made for very bad mornings.  This week he asked to download some music to it, and I was very happy, but we're pretty picky about what kind of music we want him listening to.  The stuff his friends are listening to are not always what we approve.  He's pretty good about this, and know that mum is going to look up the lyrics and make sure it is okay before we add it to his playlist.  It is so hard though finding appropriate, but still cool music for kids!

34/365, Knit
I felt really cozy last night curled up on the couch with my cup of coffee, and a knitting project!  Actually, this picture had to be staged, because before I decided to take a picture, I majorly messed up the pattern, and had to rip several rows back.  I was then too lazy to get up and get a crochet hook to assist getting all the stitches back on the needles correctly, and to be honest, I'm not sure I will be able to tell where I am in the pattern if I do get them back on!  Very frustrating, I may have to start completely over.  It will be worth it though when these little slippers are finished and keeping Cooper's little piggies warm!  

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